What Causes Dry Eyes?

Having dry eyes can be frustrating. Dry eyes can affect your vision, cause burning and stinging, excessive watering, and even make it feel like you have something in your eye. But what causes your eyes to get dry in the first place? Dry eyes are caused by a lack of oil or tear production in […]

Can I Afford LASIK?

For some patients, the cost of the LASIK procedure can deter them from moving forward with it. But believe it or not, LASIK is affordable, especially when compared to the cost of glasses, contacts and accessories. In your lifetime, you could spend nearly $36,000 on contacts, and you could spend over $5,000 on solution and […]

How to Combat Digital Eye Strain

Adults spend nearly 11 hours of their day looking at screens, whether it be their phone, computer, tablet or TV. Our days are filled with screen time, so how can we keep our eyes healthy in this digital age?     20-20-20 Rule Your eyes can get dry and tired from looking at screens for […]