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Post-Procedure Care & Recovery in Indianapolis

 Post-Procedure Care & Recovery Indianapolis

After Procedure Care

While recovery is different from individual to individual and for each of the procedures offered by the 20/20 Institute, after procedure care is crucial to allow for appropriate healing time, minimize discomfort, and provide clearer vision for patients.

At 20/20 Institute, we take post-procedure care as seriously as the procedures themselves. It is our goal to provide patients with the best visual result while maintaining the safety and health of their eyes.

General Information

Please notify our office at (317) 202-0669 if you experience sudden visual blurring and pain that does not subside by using artificial tears.

The after-hours emergency telephone number for our on-call doctor is 317-613-3527.

LASIK After Procedure Care

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PRK After Procedure Care

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KAMRA After Procedure Care

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RLE After Procedure Care

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