KAMRA Post-Surgery Care

After the KAMRA Procedure – Things To Do

The recovery time for KAMRA is longer than with other procedures like LASIK or PRK. You can expect foggy vision for up to three months after procedure.

  • 1. Rest Down Arrow


    Resting or sleeping is the best remedy for any post-operative discomfort. Use the additional Valium that is provided, if necessary, and get some rest.

  • 2. Use Your Eye Drops Down Arrow

    Use Your Eye Drops

    Start using your prescription eye drops as soon as you get up from your nap post-surgery. Please wait five minutes in between drops.

    • Gatifloxaxin/Prednisolone Acetate Mix: Shake the bottle well. Place one drop, four times daily into the operated eye for one week following the procedure. Do not use these drops after the first week post-procedure (week two and beyond).
    • Lotemax Gel Drop OR Fluoromethelone (FML): Shake the bottle well. Do not use these drops during the first week post procedure; however, in week two, three, and four you will need to place one drop, four times daily into the operated eye. In month two, reduce the number of drops to three times a day. In month three, reduce the number of drops again to two times per day.
    • Artificial Tears: Some patients experience scratchiness or irritation with mild light sensitivity to the lids in the operated eye for the first several days. This is generally worse in the morning and improves as the day goes on. For sensitivity, we recommend Ibuprofen (Advil), in addition to frequent dosing of preservative-free lubricant teardrops (artificial tears). Artificial tears can be used as often as necessary to relieve the dry or scratchy sensation you may be experiencing post-surgery. Nonprescription, preservative-free lubrication drops may be instilled in the operated eye immediately after surgery and as often as needed. You will be using these preservative-free drops for several weeks. They are available over the counter and can be purchased at your local pharmacy.
  • 3. Wear Your Goggles Down Arrow

    Wear Your Goggles

    The goggles are very important to your recovery from surgery. The eye must be protected, especially while you are asleep as you may attempt to rub your eyes due to discomfort. Wear the goggles for at least the first five nights after the surgery. You may wear them longer as needed.

After the KAMRA Procedure – Things NOT To Do

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