Am I Too Young or Too Old for LASIK?

Jan 9, 2019

Eye exam at Elite LASIK & Cataract in Indianapolis

LASIK eye surgery can be a viable option for you if you are tired of relying on glasses and contacts. But, a common concern we hear a lot is if patients can be too young or too old to benefit from LASIK. While each patient is different, the average age range for patients to get LASIK is between 20 and 40 years old.

Am I Too Young?

LASIK is approved for patients over 18 who have had a stable prescription for at least 2 years. In some cases, it is recommended that patients wait until their 20s to have the procedure, because their eyes may still be changing. But, if your prescription is stable and your eyes are healthy, LASIK could be a great option for you if you’re tired of glasses and contacts.


Am I Too Old?

When you are in your 40s, you may start to notice that you have trouble reading up close and need to use reading glasses. This is called presbyopia, which just means that your eyes are aging. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are too old for LASIK, because LASIK corrects your distance vision. If you only want to correct your up close vision, then the KAMRA Inlay could be another option for you.

When you are 60 years or older, your eyes start to change again, and your chance for cataracts increases. If you develop cataracts, laser cataract surgery could be a viable option for you to correct your vision.


If you’re tired of glasses and contacts, then LASIK could help you see clearly again! To find out if LASIK or another refractive surgery is right for you, schedule your free consultation with us today!