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Why Do I Have Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is a common condition that can be uncomfortable if left untreated. There are a number of factors that could cause dry eye, especially if you’re looking at a computer screen for a long time or stuck on an airplane for a long flight. No matter the cause, there are ways to prevent and […]

Starting Your LASIK Journey

LASIK can be intimidating to some people, which is understandable. But most of their fear is because of common misconceptions or lack of knowledge about the procedure. Other prospective patients may feel intimidated because they don’t know how to start the process. Here at 20/20, we can help you start your LASIK journey, and it’s […]

The Truth About LASIK Cost

LASIK cost can be confusing because of all the different prices and offers that are advertised in the market. You might hear a special offer for $250 per eye, or maybe $1,000 for a lifetime plan. But, these prices are misleading and don’t usually apply to the average patient. Beware of Low Starting Prices for […]