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From doctors and dentists, to counselors and physical therapists, there are hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals across the country who have dedicated their lives to helping others. To thank our local healthcare professionals, we’re offering a discount on LASIK procedures. Simply schedule your surgery for any day in March and you’ll get a $700 discount ($350 per eye) on your procedure.

At the 20/20 Institute of Indianapolis, we believe in doing our part to support the individuals who help keep our communities healthy. As a healthcare professional, you do just that. When a child falls riding their bike, it’s an x-ray technician who checks for broken bones. When a construction worker throws their back out, it’s a chiropractor who helps ease the pain. When an elderly person can no longer care for themselves, it’s a caretaker who helps them maintain some quality of life. Our families need you, and you need great vision. Why not let the 20/20 Institute of Indianapolis help make your life a little easier and save you some money in the process?

Maybe you’re a healthcare professional who has been considering LASIK for a while. Or maybe you’re just tired of dealing with contacts and/or glasses, and you want to explore your options. Whatever your situation, the 20/20 Institute of Indianapolis is here to help. We can answer your questions about LASIK, discuss any concerns you may have, and determine whether you’re a prime candidate for vision correction surgery. Don’t put off the possibility of great vision. Call us at 317-202-0669 or schedule your free LASIK consultation now.

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