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Are You A LASIK Candidate?

The thought of being free from the burden of daily vision correction of glasses or contacts is exciting! But, how do you know if you can have the LASIK procedure? We have a few rule-of-thumb guidelines; however, candidacy for LASIK depends on your specific individual characteristics and it is necessary to have a full dilated […]

10 Basic Facts about LASIK

When a person is considering LASIK surgery, it can be an arduous task sifting through all of the information. We often are asked: Why is there such a large difference in price ranging from $299 an eye to $2999 an eye? Is there really a difference in the laser technologies? How do I know what […]

Caring For Your Eyes After LASIK

LASIK is an investment for your vision for the rest of your life, so it is important to protect your investment. Care of your eyes for the first few days and weeks after the procedure is paramount in the healing process and recovery for a successful outcome; In addition, regular visits to the eye doctor […]

Can Diabetics Have LASIK Surgery?

Diabetes is a systemic condition that can have a significant effect on the health of the eyes. When considering having the LASIK procedure, there are factors regarding diabetes that are taken into consideration; however, if a patient’s diabetic condition is stable and there are no ocular complications, LASIK may be a very safe and successful […]

LASIK Eye Surgery and Night Blindness

A common topic for patients that are screened at 20/20 Institute prior to the LASIK procedure is night blindness. For these patients, there can be concern about what their night vision will be like after their LASIK procedure. To accurately assess the likely night vision outcome for each patient, it is necessary to determine the […]

LASIK Recovery Tips

LASIK surgery is one of the most popular forms of vision correction in the world today. Most people who undergo the procedure say that it was one of the best decisions they have ever made for improving their quality of life. The ability to experience the world around you without a daily dependency on glasses […]

Different Types of LASIK

The Costs Associated With Different Types of LASIK To understand the cost of LASIK a patient should understand the choices they have when choosing a LASIK provider. It is common for a patient to think the doctor will make all the choices for them related to the LASIK procedure. True, the doctor will address many […]

20/20 Institute LASIK Indianapolis

One of the core principles that sets 20/20 Institute apart from other facilities is our dedication to providing the latest in LASIK technology, so we use Wavefront-Optimized® LASIK for every laser vision correction procedure we perform. Custom Wavefront LASIK can provide our patients with safer, more accurate results and a better quality of vision than […]

20/20 Institute LASIK Pledge

If you choose 20/20 Institute for your LASIK procedure, we will back your LASIK with this simple promise. You will achieve 20/20 after your LASIK procedure or you will receive a full refund of your procedure fee. Of course achieving the best Visual Acuity possible is the goal of LASIK for every patient. 20/20 vision […]