Indianapolis LASIK Cost

Oct 16, 2017

Advanced Bladeless LASIK at the Best Price in Indiana

Straight Talk and 5-Star Customer Service for LASIK is What You Should Expect from 20/20 Institute.

Give us a call and we will happily provide straight forward answers to all of your LASIK questions. We offer Indy’s best fee for our Advanced Bladeless All-Laser Wavefront-Optimized® LASIK*.

20/20 Institute’s LASIK Pledge

We are the ONLY provider in Indiana that offers this Simple Pledge:
You will achieve 20/20 vision after your LASIK procedure with us or you will receive a full refund*

What Type of LASIK Technology do You Want?

Patients have several choices when they decide to have LASIK. LASIK is NOT the same everywhere. Just like cellular telephone technology has changed a lot over the last two decades, so has LASIK technology.

Our fee includes our advanced bladeless technology along with one year of comprehensive follow up care. During your initial telephone conversation with one of our experienced LASIK Counselors we will provide you with answers to all of your questions. If you choose to proceed, of course a complimentary doctor evaluation will be required to confirm your medical LASIK candidacy. If you medically qualify, you will be offered the option to add our Lifetime LASIK Assurance Plan*.

  • 98% of Our Patients Achieve 20/20 Vision or Better*
    Greater Than 99% Achieve Legal Driving Vision**

While it is understandable to be interested in saving money, the LASIK provider you choose may significantly affect your long-term safety and visual results. That’s why at 20/20 Institute, we encourage you to pay attention to every aspect of your LASIK experience. There are different types of LASIK and it is wise for a LASIK patient to look for clues in the quality of their overall care. If you are contacting a LASIK discount provider, please be aware and understand the following are some potential key differences in their LASIK offering and 20/20’s.