LASIK Enhancments

A common question regarding the LASIK procedure is how long is it supposed to last? The goal of the LASIK procedure to correct distance vision is for the longevity of adulthood.

During the years following your LASIK procedure, there is a possibility that the corneal surface could undergo a change in shape resulting in the necessity to enhance the original procedure. Typically, the resultant change is minor and does not require vision correction with glasses or contacts full time. The likelihood of an enhancement is dependent upon each individual.

Through the years, there are trends that have been identified that indicate the possibility for enhancements. Enhancements tend to occur more often for those patients who are younger and/or have a higher refractive error. However, those factors are not 100% determinate. A necessity for an enhancement can occur for anyone with any prescription at any point following the original procedure. There has also been a trend for fewer enhancement rates for those experienced surgeons who perform procedures with the most advanced technology. At the 20/20 Institute, our patient population has an enhancement rate of 10%, which is on the low percentage of the national average between 10-30%.

The majority of people eventually develop cataracts that become mature. This process usually is complete in the 6th or 7th decade of life. Once the cataract becomes mature, the results of the LASIK procedure are ineffective and an enhancement would not restore good visual clarity. Because the lens in the eye has become cloudy, it must be replaced to restore clear vision.

At 20/20 Institute, our Lifetime Plan allows for patients to have the ease of mind and confidence that if they are one of the 10% of the population that experiences the necessity of an enhancement at any time in the future as long as it is safe and healthy for their eye, there is no additional cost for the procedure.