Smiling Eyes on the Smiley Morning Show

Toni Williams of the #1 morning radio team selects 20/20 Institute for her LASIK.

Indianapolis, July 30, 2013 – 20/20 Institute, a premier LASIK eye surgery center in Indianapolis, is excited to announce that on-air radio personality Toni Williams of 99.5 WZPL and the Smiley Morning Show selected the 20/20 Institute for her vision improvement surgery and experienced excellent results.

“I struggled with my vision, using contacts and glasses for 25 years, and after a 20 minute surgery, I can see. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner,” Williams said. “I just did my vision test and I’m 20/15, that’s better than 20/20, so 20/20 Institute may need to change their name to 20/15 Institute, because I see better than 20/20. It’s amazing!” Williams had been dependent on glasses and contacts to see anything in her daily life, and the day following the procedure she was able to read road signs as she drove. Williams was interviewed and videotaped on two of her visits to the eye center, both before and after her LASIK surgery.

“We love hearing our patients talk about the great experience they had with us, and the remarkable visual results they enjoy. LASIK surgery changes the quality of people’s lives,” stated 20/20 Institute CEO Dr. Mark Danzo, OD. “Toni said she couldn’t believe she hadn’t had LASIK sooner, and we’ve heard thousands of our patients say exactly the same thing. Providing this positive, life-changing service makes me love this job.”

Williams researched many options and facilities before deciding to improve her vision at 20/20 Institute. “I was told exactly what would happen every step of the way, and I felt confident in the staff, procedures, and especially the follow up care,” Williams emphasized. “I only have one set of eyes, and I’m thrilled I trusted my now terrific sight to the team at 20/20 Institute.”