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LASIK Success

Contrary to popular belief, LASIK is a safe, proven and effective procedure that can be life-changing for patients. Here at 20/20 Institute, about 98% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after their procedure.   Why LASIK is Successful LASIK is a quick and safe procedure. With bladeless LASIK, only cool lasers are used […]

LASIK and Self-Esteem

According to a recent study from Capella University, patients who had LASIK reported higher self-esteem and less symptoms of depression and stress after LASIK. Relying on glasses or contacts can be a burden and can affect many aspects of a person’s life both personally and professionally, especially when doing everyday tasks like driving or reading. […]

Current Offer

Thousands of Hoosiers have Trusted 20/20 Institute for LASIK Get started today and discover if you can eliminate or reduce your need for Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses. Our experienced LASIK Counselors are ready to answer your questions and assist you in starting your Free LASIK Consultation.Call 317-2020-NOW to get Started Now! At 20/20 Institute, we […]

20/20 Institute Philosophy

20/20’s Patient Centered Philosophy Patient-Centered Philosophy: LASIK Designed around You! Our patient-centered philosophy is based upon our belief that your LASIK journey should be as comfortable, satisfying and stress-free as possible. Everything we do— our FREE consultations, comfortable state-of-the-art facilities, convenient Saturday appointment times and VIP amenities have all been designed for your specific and […]

Are You a Candidate

LASIK is a laser eye surgery alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses for correcting vision. Although the majority of nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic people over the age of 18 are good potential candidates for LASIK eye surgery, the fact remains that LASIK may not be right for everyone. LASIK can be a wonderful, life-enhancing procedure when […]