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History of 20/20 Institute

Meet Co-Founder Dr. Mark Danzo

It all started in the early 1970s when our co-founder was an 11-year-old boy growing up in New York. A young Mark Danzo was fascinated with commercial airliners. He watched these massive heavier-than-air metal birds get and stay afloat safely to carry so many people so quickly to exciting and distant places. He realized the social impact that commercial air travel had made on the world, by making so many places accessible to so many people. He became obsessed with the science of commercial aviation. He studied the engineering achievements that allowed mankind to overcome the pull of the earth’s gravity to achieve business and recreational air travel for society.

Mark started looking into what it would take to get into flight school. Then, in his mid-teens, as the time approached, something happened that would shatter his dreams. 15-year-old Mark was given the horrible news that would stop him from becoming a military aviator. His distance vision had dropped to 20/70, which meant he would have to wear corrective lenses to see 20/20. At this time, glasses were not permitted if someone wanted to fly military aircraft; a person was required to see 20/20 without the use of glasses.

Dr. Danzo became obsessed with a new dream: to restore patients’ vision to 20/20. He foresaw the potential this field had to allow millions of people to pursue their dreams, so Dr. Danzo committed his career to refractive surgery. Over the next 10 years, LASIK became the most widely performed refractive surgery procedure in the world. Dr. Danzo studied the clinical aspects of LASIK, as well as all of the business aspects that would make LASIK more accessible to patients who wanted to restore their vision.

After 10 years of traveling the world and consulting with hundreds of ophthalmology practices, Dr. Danzo developed what he believed to be the compilation of best practices and most welcoming environment for a patient to explore LASIK. He assembled experienced surgeons and optometrists who shared his passion for restoring vision. He also developed a very talented support staff who provided these medical services in an unsurpassed customer service environment. That compilation of best practices and talent became 20/20 Institute. Today, over a decade later, 20/20 Institute has assisted tens of thousands of patients to restore their vision, allowing them to pursue their own dreams.

Meet CEO Dr. Diana Fisher

Dr. Diana FisherAs Dr. Danzo was realizing his dream of completing his optometric education, a teenager had another dream of her own. When two-year-old Diana Fisher was having difficulty with hand-eye coordination, her concerned parents took her to see an ophthalmologist who diagnosed her with strabismus, an eye muscle issue.  Over her lifetime, her mother often told Diana of the day she received her first pair of glasses and how it impacted her life in such a positive way. As a teenager, Diana traveled with her parents on mission trips and saw how important health care and, in particular, vision care were in the world. Although Diana’s initial experience in healthcare was obtaining her nursing degree, her heart always desired giving other people the gift of eyesight as she had received.

In 2004, Diana became an eye doctor and started practicing in the Indianapolis area. The LASIK procedure was becoming popular during that time and she was proactive in encouraging her patients with the benefits the procedure could provide for their way of life. In 2008, Dr. Danzo gave Dr. Fisher the opportunity to join the 20/20 Institute and she immediately found her place in the eye world. Dr. Fisher is passionate about the refractive surgery field and what the future holds with all of the new technologies on the horizon.

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